"Saturday at America"

How about your expressions if you get a chance to be one of Indonesian’s Delegate to America, Hmm, actually in USA. Wow, i think it can’t be described perfectly. Don’t worry, this is not only a dream but also it can be a true story. about millions Indonesian's Citizens have gone to Paman Sam country, so, no harm to try how did you can be one of them.
A man has said, that life is started from a dream. How did you get a big dream will improve your effort to be the better than the others. I believe that dream should be bigger and bigger, because once again, that the great sailor will be born form the great hurricanes.
This is our dreams and it has done, visited  at America at Jakarta, hopefully it can be the true America later.

Saturday, February 23Th 2013. with kak Dody 3rd IPB's Outstanding student from Geophysics and Meteorology Department, Kak Fauziah Nur, Kak Didi, Kak Deti, Anies, Hawa, Tresna, Erwin, and Destri.

thanks a lot for so many experiences, thanks for Creative Learning Club GeoMet IPB, and thanks for you all. I hope it can be a great motivation.

Take a Journey by Commuter Line

CLC member.. :)
one of my hobby, take more pictures.. :D
a big dream, come study in the USA      
at America with CLC Geomet
       Just explore the experiences at Kota Tua Muzium

actually, it's so nice views..

"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed"
(Theodore Roosevelt)

keep trying, reaching, and dreaming. Insyaallah.

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